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An intergоvernmental session in the building of the Mosсоw Regional GovernmentAre you looking for an English language translator? Do you have technical, scientific, financial, legal or medical documents or texts to translate to or from English? I specialize in text conversion of technical manuals and specifications, user guides, and medical reports. (cut technologies – I didn't understand what you meant, and it seemed redundant.)

Simultaneous interpretation of a speech of the Governor of the Moscow Region, Mr. B. V. Gromov. I can assure you that my work is accurate and fast and will meet your specified deadlines. All translations done by me are delivered fully edited and proofread and in an electronic format easy to upload.

As an English language translator I handle:

My diploma as a medical doctor in pediatrics.
  • all kinds of personal correspondence and other written communication
  • marriage, visa, and other immigration related documents
  • international passports and driver's licenses
  • birth, death, divorce, and marriage certificates (took out hyphens – unnecessary)
  • vaccination (immunization) and medical records
  • academic/scientific diplomas and education transcripts
Addressing the prоblems of combination contraceptive steroids during a congress organized by Schеring Plоugh Pharmaceuticals.Mу diploma of English as a Second Language obtained in the USА. I studied English during my first 3 years in America.
  • C.V.s and recommendation letters
  • legal materials, including police clearance certificates, affidavits and premarital agreements
  • business agreements and correspondence
  • technical literature, including instructions, sales and promotion

All translated documents are certified according to the client's request. Certification is signed by the professional English language translator and can also be notarized, if desired.

What you should know about your English language translator

Whispering (chuchоtage, in French) is a mode of interpretation wherebу the interpreter is seated next to оne or two meeting participants and whispers the interpretation of the sреech. - Educational background and years of experience.
  • I am a Russian native, a Russian physician who completed 7 years medical training at Perm State Medical Academy, a resident in the U.S.A. for 12 years, a holder of an English language training degree, and a practicing translator-interpreter for the past 18 years.
  • - Commitment to professional standards.
      Cоnference intеrpreting
      • I have learned the art of translating first, from my years as a volunteer with American missionaries in Russia, then working in hospitals, courtrooms and on worksites in America, and now establishing myself in Moscow with governmental and international clients as a leading professional. As an English language translator, I am dedicated to the highest standards of integrity and delivery.
    • Cоnference intеrpreting - Range of clients and the quality of satisfaction achieved.

    Now located in Moscow, I am a full-time, self-employed translator representing the interests of private businessmen, medical doctors and hospitals, state departments and other governmental structures.

    I have worked in many fields in my life, and now I am doing what I can do best as an English Language translator. Being fluent in a foreign language and studying it from real life has allowed me to master the skills to be an English language translator. I have served Russians, Americans, Canadians, Mexicans, Japanese, and Chinese clients.

    - Additional resources in meeting a variety of requests

    Through my international conference work, I have been able to pull together a listing of professional contacts with various skills in translation language pairs, as well as editing and proofreading in different languages, East and West. I freely use consultants in various areas of expertise, readily consulting my friends and associates, professional medical doctors, lawyers, paralegals, nurses, technicians, business owners, and bank workers who assist me in proofreading to guarantee the highest quality of work.

    Specifics of English-Russian translations

    Department of Foreign Affairs of Canada. Do you want to translate your personal, business, or technical documents from English into Russian? Here are some things to keep in mind when working with Russian translators.

      Moments before the begining of an intergоvernmental sеssion with participation of UN delegates. - The Russian Federation has one official written language. All formal documents are written in Russian, a Slavic language with a Cyrillic alphabet. The Russian government and its agencies are mandated to produce all their documents in Russian.
    • The Russian language uses many English financial and business terms since there are few Russian language equivalents (e.g. warrant, futures, etc.).
    • Experienced Russians who are English language translators are aware of the fact that there are legal and linguistic differences between Russian and English terminology and also many “false friends” (words that appear to be equivalents but carry different cultural meanings and tone.)
    • When translating from English into Russian, realize that you will need more Interpreting for a US TV Network during the Sochi -2014 Olympics.white space before typesetting Russian documents. Russian translators from English must pull together the concepts expressed in several English words, into a single long Russian word. Therefore, typesetting a Russian document into a template with narrow columns will result in a lot of hyphenation.
    • Numbering conventions in Russian are different: the decimal point is a comma, and the thousand separator is either a dot or a space (e.g. 20 000). There also needs to be a space between the number and the percentage character (e.g. 45 %) and between the number and any measurement (e.g. 12 cm).

    Following an intergovernmental session in the Council of the Russian Federation.

      If you have read this far, I would especially like to offer you my services of an English language translator for any text you may need.

      Contact me today to serve as your English language translator to or from Russian. Also be advised that I also offer interpretation services and coordinate the work of many language-paired independent professionals.

      I can be reached through my e-mail address, and if you provide me with your phone number, I will personally call you myself anywhere in the world.

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